Moodle Modernization

We're excited to announce that Moodle, FPU's learning management system, will be getting a much-needed makeover this summer. The changes that are coming will bring the look-and-feel of Moodle more up-to-date and provide a modern teaching and learning experience to Fresno Pacific University learning platform. There will also be new features and feature enhancements that will benefit all users.

This project has been a collaborative effort between the Center for Online Learning and I.T. Services, in consultation with University Communications and Marketing and the Online Advisory Committee and input from a select group of faculty and students.

When will the Moodle update take place?

The Moodle update will be put in to place on Tuesday, July 9, 2019. Moodle will be inaccessible while updates are applied, which will likely require most of the day.

This date was very carefully chosen to minimize disruption on courses, grading, and registration with respect to all academic populations and calendars.

When can I preview the new Moodle Beta Site?

The Moodle Beta preview site is now available at

Please log in to the site and check out the new navigation features.

Once on the Moodle Preview site:

  • Login with your Moodle username and password
  • Take the Tour to explore new features and navigation
  • Preview a sample course
  • Leave Feedback about your experience
  • Search for your own course in the ‘Search Box’

Things To Remember:

  • If your course content looks different than it does today, it is because the Preview site uses course backup data from the fall 2018 term.
  • The Moodle Beta site is intended for PREVIEW ONLY. You are welcome to make changes and edits to your course content, however none of the changes will be auto-migrated from the Preview Site to the LIVE site.
  • The Preview Site will continue to undergo updates and tweaks over the next several weeks, so you will notice slight changes over time.

What changes can I look forward to?

The following is a quick overview of the new features and tools that will become available following the update:

  • Modern Look and Feel
    The landing page is completely redesigned with a simplified, intuitive workflow, a modern look and feel, and an enhanced mobile experience.
  • Updated Icons
    The updated look and feel of Moodle 3.6 is clean and contemporary with updated icons providing a consistent visual design.
  • Improved Responsiveness on Mobile Devices
    The updated Moodle site is designed to be fully responsive on a mobile device and to display consistently across devices. That means you can log into Moodle directly in the browser on your mobile device and have a better experience when accessing most system tools.
  • Profile to Manage Your Moodle Persona
    Your Moodle Profile lets you customize the information students see about you in your Moodle courses. Edit your profile to add an image to represent you, add contact information, and modify your notification settings. Your profile image appears on Instructor Profile, rosters, forum discussions, announcements throughout the course.
  • Dashboard
    The new Course Overview page is customizable and sorts your courses into a timeline, so that you can focus on the courses that are currently active. You can search for courses by name or filter the view. You can even favorite the courses you access most frequently so that they appear at the top of your course list. You can even make courses visible or hide them from students right from your Courses list.

How will this update affect my courses?

All existing courses and content will be migrated automatically for the July 9 update; you do not need to take any action to bring it over. There may be some minor changes to styling of elements that may need to be addressed after the migration due to the new look of the site.

Is this Moodle update necessary?

Yes! The changes that are coming are vital to maintaining a healthy and vibrant learning management system for teaching and learning at the university. Our current Moodle installation is out of date in 3 primary ways:

  • Security: The current version of Moodle we are using is no longer supported for security updates. (Support ended in December 2018)
  • Theme: The current Moodle site theme was designed for Moodle 2.8 (released in 2014) and is no longer being actively maintained.
  • Web 3.0: The way the internet works is constantly changing and this update helps us leverage new capabilities and functionality in web development and virtual learning environments.

What about Moodle Dev - Will it also be updated?

Moodle Dev is not going with us into the glorious future. It has served us well, but Moodle Dev will be decommissioned on May 24, 2019 and course development efforts and Master courses will be migrated to our current Moodle site at This consolidation of Moodle sites will reduce duplication of maintenance efforts and streamline the Moodle experience for course development and delivery.

If you have master Moodle shells on Moodle Dev that need to be transferred over to, please contact the Center for Online Learning to request a course content migration prior to May 24, 2019.

If you have questions about the Moodle modernization update, please contact us