2019-2020: Online Advisory Committee  



Henrietta Siemens

Center for Online Learning

Dee Robb

Center for Online Learning
Administrative Coordinator

Carol Gossett

School of Education
Faculty, Director, Early Childhood Education Program

Brian Ross

Biblical Seminary
Faculty, Director, Pastoral Ministry

Gary Waterman

School of Business
Manager, Program Growth & Development

Fay Nielsen

School of Natural Sciences
Faculty, Associate Professor of Kinesiology

Ray Nickson

School of Humanities, Religion, and Social Sciences
Faculty, Director, Criminology Program

Rob Carey

Continuing Education
Director of Independent Studies

Candi Alexander

Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Director of Assessment

Dave Richert

Information Technology Services
Executive Director of I.T. Services

Johann Weber

Information Technology Services
LMS Administrator

Melinda Gunning

Disability Services
Director, Disability, Access and Education

Denise Baronian

Grad/DC Admissions
Associate Director of Degree Completion Admissions and Advising

Amina McGensy

Instructional Librarian

Jason McGensy

Center for Online Learning
eLearning Operations Manager

Patti Patrick

Center for Online Learning
Instructional Designer

Todd Vasquez

Center for Online Learning
Instructional Designer