2015-2016: Online Advisory Committee  



Henrietta Siemens

Center for Online Learning

Veronica Watson

School of Business
Dean's Assistant

Carol Gossett

Degree Completion
Faculty, Director, Early Childhood Program

Jeanne Janzen

School of Education
Associate Professor, Director, Curriculum and Teaching

Angel Krause

School of Education
Faculty, Director, Clear Credential Program

Rebecca McMillen

School of Humanities, Religion & Social Sciences
Faculty, Director, Art Program

Devin Beasley

School of Natural Sciences
Faculty, Kiniesiology

Brian Ross

Biblical Seminary
Faculty, Pastoral Ministry

Dave Richert

Information Technology Services
Enterprise Applications Manager

Scott Metcalf

Information Technology Services
Enterprise Applications Engineer

Denise Baronian

Grad/DC Admissions
Associate Director of Degree Completion Admissions and Advising

Anne Guenther

Associate Director and Public Services

Thomas Cairns

Office of the Registrar
Certification & Student Services Coordinator

Jason McGensy

Center for Online Learning
Online Learning Coordinator

Patti Patrick

Center for Online Learning
Instructional Designer