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What is Taskstream?
Taskstream is a cloud-based, customizable, electronic assessment management system. It is a tool that helps FPU measure the achievement of university, program and course student learning outcomes (SLOs). Taskstream produces and retains the results of outcomes assessment, acts as the primary repository of artifacts and evidence of learning outcomes at the program and university levels, and is available on an ongoing basis for faculty, program, school, and university use. From the scoring of signature assignments in Taskstream, reports of student achievement of learning outcomes are generated at the course, program, school, and/or university level for use by faculty and administration in modification of teaching, for program review, and reporting to internal and external bodies.

How are Signature Assignments submitted?
Students directly submit the artifacts required by their courses’ signature assignments to Taskstream (faculty cannot submit artifacts for students).

How are Signature Assignments scored?
Faculty can use either the regular or quick score method to evaluate student submissions; all evaluations are returned to students. Course signature assignment rubrics are created by and reviewed with the program director, lead faculty member, instructor and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) before being loaded into Taskstream.

How do I access Taskstream?
From Moodle: Login to Moodle. Navigate to your course and click on your signature assignment, it should take it you directly to your assignment in TaskStream.

If your instructor has not setup the assignment in your Moodle shell, or if you do not have access to a Moodle shell for a particular course, click on the Resources tab at the top next to your name, then select Taskstream in the dropdown menu.

Training materials for both students and faculty are available on the Taskstream homepage.

How to submit a TaskStream assignment (PDF)
Quick Guide for Accessing TaskStream (PDF)
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