Learning Online at FPU

This guide has been developed to provide resources and strategies to help students succeed in their online classes at FPU.

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Get Started with Online Learning

As you make plans for online learning, focus on the tasks you are trying to accomplish. Many face-to-face teaching and learning practices have reasonable online alternatives. Much of FPU’s teaching and learning infrastructure is setup in cloud environments that will allow you to engage in learning activities anywhere you have internet access.

Complete these initial steps to begin learning online.

  1. Access your Courses on Moodle - (https://learning.fresno.edu/) Make sure you have access to all of your classes on Moodle. To learn how, watch the Getting Started with Moodle video tutorial.
  2. Create a Zoom account - Zoom is a web conferencing tool used by many instructors for delivering lectures and holding online class discussions, presentations, and group activities. Visit https://fresno.zoom.us/ to create your Zoom account. PDF
  3. Create a VidGrid account - VidGrid is a video recording tool that allows for recording, editing and sharing videos, such as presentation assignments. Sign up for your VidGrid account by visiting the https://www.vidgrid.com. See these instructions for getting started with VidGrid. Video | PDF
  4. Setup Your Learning Space - If you haven't already done so, choose a regular space in your home where you will do your classwork and online meetings.
  5. Bookmark your resources - Bookmark the Moodle website, the Library website, the ASC website, and any other important sites you will access regularly.
  6. Familiarize yourself with the principles of "Netiquette" (infographic).



Technology Needs

Some basic technology and equipment you will need:

  • A laptop or other computer capable of accessing the internet
  • Reliable internet access [preferably high-speed internet]
  • A webcam
  • Headphones with a microphone
  • Modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera)

You can download Microsoft Office programs, such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for free, from the Office 365 portal. Contact the IT Helpdesk if you need assistance with this.

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Learn the Tools & Technology






VidGrid: How to Record


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Keep In Touch Online

No matter where you are, we want you to stay connected to the university: to your classmates, your instructors, and the staff who support your success.

  • You will be contacted by your instructors directly about how they intend on teaching your classes. Please keep an eye on your Outlook email and Moodle for more information from your instructors. Please note that each instructor is different and will manage their class and communication in the way that they deem appropriate.
  • Your instructors may use a combination of Moodle, Zoom, VidGrid, Microsoft Teams, or other platforms, to deliver your classes, enable discussions, and make all aspects of online learning happen effectively. You should be prepared to use these tools when necessary; there are resources below to assist you in learning how to use them. You can also use Zoom or Microsoft Teams to meet with your classmates or groups outside of class meetings.
  • Several departments, offices, teams, clubs and campus organizations have social media accounts you can follow to keep up with what is happening virtually and be encouraged by the items being shared. Below is a list a small list of some to start with:

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Find Help When You Need It

I need access to a computer
Computers can be accessed at the Hiebert Library on the Main Campus
Monday-Thursday 9:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.
Friday 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

I need help logging in
If you need help logging in to university systems (Outlook, Sunbird Central, Moodle, MyFPU, etc) contact the IT Helpdesk (helpdesk@fresno.edu, 559-453-3410).

I need help using Moodle, Zoom, or VidGrid
If you need help with Moodle, first visit COL's Moodle support shell, Moodle 24/7 for video tutorials and community forums. If you can't find the help you need, submit a ticket to the Center for Online Learning or drop in to the Center for Online Learning Zoom Virtual Office.

I need academic support, writing help or tutoring
If you need academic support or tutoring, visit the Academic Success Center Moodle page. You can book an online 1-on-1 tutoring session or access the 24/7 tutoring service Net Tutor.

I need help with research or library resources
If you need help with a research assignment, contact Hiebert Library (library@fresno.edu) to schedule an appointment for assistance or browse the Library Guides (fresno.edu/library).

I need mental health resources
This academic year, FPU student personal counseling will be offered by the On-Site Counseling Program at the Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary. On-Site Counselors are available by appointment to assist individuals with relationship problems, adjustment issues, grief and sadness, worry and anxiety, and unhealthy coping patterns. To make an appointment, call the On-Site referral line at 559-453-8050 or email onsite@fresno.edu. Please leave a message if necessary, and all calls will be returned within 48 hours.

I need help finding my next meal
If you find you are facing food insecurity or any other personal concerns that are keeping you from being successful, you are encouraged to reach out to Brian Davis (brian.davis@fresno.edu), Campus Chaplain, or Jesse Torres (jesse.torres@fresno.edu), Director of Student Persistence and Commuter Life.


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