Moodle is the official Learning Management System (LMS) at Fresno Pacific University. All online and blended courses are offered through Moodle. Moodle also serves as a learning platform for traditional face-to-face courses, allowing faculty to share resources, post course announcements, collect and grade assignments, and more.

How do I access my course in Moodle?

All faculty and students login to Moodle with the blue, “Login with Office 365” button at the top of Fresno Pacific University’s Moodle Login Page.

If you are unable to login to Moodle, there are only a few reasons for this:

  1. You attempted to login by typing in a username and password rather than clicking the “Login with Office 365” button.
    Resolution: Click the blue, “Login with Office 365” button.

  2. You are not logged into your Office 365 account.
    Resolution: Log into your Office 365 account at

  3. You forgot your Office 365 password.
    Resolution: Request to change your password when it provides this option by clicking the “Forgot Password” link. If that doesn’t work, contact FPU’s Helpdesk at

  4. You do not have a way to receive a text or phone call when Microsoft sends a two-step authentication code.
    Resolution: Make sure you have your smartphone for receiving text notifications. If you do not have access to it or changed your cell phone number for two-step notifications from FPU, contact FPU’s help desk at

Moodle FAQ

How can I get a Moodle shell for my course?

Moodle course shells for all courses are automatically generated at the time courses are scheduled through the Dean’s office with the respective school. Faculty teaching a course that needs a Moodle shell should check Moodle to see if their course shell is already accessible.

Please view the following infographic to learn the workflow for course creation and enrollment: Course Creation & Enrollment Workflow

Please view the following video to learn how to find and filter your courses on your Moodle Dashboard: Finding and Sorting Your Courses on the Moodle Dashboard

If the shell is not there, contact Johann Weber, LMS Administrator (

How do I develop my course in Moodle?

  • Self-Initiated Course Development — Faculty assigned to “design” a course on Moodle develop their course on Moodle using Moodle’s tools and resources to create content, activities and assessments. Faculty also design, organize, and setup the Moodle Gradebook of their course to align with their syllabus.
  • Full Course Development — If your program director has assigned a special contract with you to fully design a “Master Course Shell” which may be taught by you and other instructors at Fresno Pacific University, you will receive a Subject Matter Expert Contract. A time will be scheduled for you and your Program Director to meet for a Course Development Launch meeting with the Center for Online Learning’s Instructional Design team to map out the development phases for your course planning and design. Once the course has been fully developed (in partnership with COL), reviewed, and approved by the program director, the course content is transferred from the “Master Course Shell” to the actual course for teaching.
  • Emergency Course Development — In the event of a major catastrophe or temporary campus closure, it may become necessary for traditional face-to-face instruction to move online. If this applies to you, please visit the Center for Online Learning’s “Teaching Continuity” page.
    Use the Moodle Course Quickstart Guide for setting up essential elements in your course shell.

How do I transfer an old version of my course so I can teach it again?

If a course has been developed previously, the course content can be transferred to the appropriate course section on Moodle. Submit a ticket to the Center for Online Learning with the name of the course shell you want transferred and the name of the new course shell you want that content transferred to, and we will transfer it for you. Turn around time is typically within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends.

Getting Help with Moodle

For guided assistance with Moodle, check out Moodle 24/7 video tutorials, COL’s “Recordings” of previous webinars, and COL’s “Upcoming Events” page for new workshops you can register to attend.